In February 2022, Vela Latam acquired the software division of the Alkasoft notary offices, a company from Santa Catarina present in the market for over 27 years, developing technological solutions for the segments of law, notary offices, and brands. With this acquisition, the Brazilian market gains a new specialized company, CartDigi, which is born with expertise in the sector and potential for investments in technological innovation for products and services. The new company is headquartered in Florianópolis and is managed by Cicero Triches, one of the partners and founders of Alkasoft. “CartDigi is responsible for the support and necessary developments to all of the systems of the CART line, which already has four consolidated products for extrajudicial notary offices, developed for real estate registration, notary offices, and civil registration”.






Vela Latam, a division of Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX: CSU) acquired InfoCorp in 2021.  Infocorp is the developer of the IC OmniChannel Banking platform that is helping people to love their bank. Ana Inés Echavarren, Infocorp CEO said: “We are looking for a partner to support us as we move to the next level of experience for our clients. We are excited to join Vela Latam and the Constellation family, as they believe in long-term relationships, and the approach ‘buy and hold forever’ supports us towards our focus on long-term growth with our clients”. InfoCorp is a leader in omnichannel banking solutions in Latin American and Caribbean markets.  It provides innovative, cutting-edge solutions that enable clients to love their banks. For further information about InfoCorp, visit:







Kurier is a pioneer in technology and legal intelligence and a reference in the legal data market.  It was acquired by Vela Latam in 2020, being the second acquisition of this vertical in Brazil as part of Vela’s strategy to consolidate the Latin-American market in legal techs.  In its trajectory, the brand reached the mark of more than 1,800 clients, serving seven of the ten largest law firms in Brazil, legal departments of large companies, the main credit bureaus, and the biggest players in onboarding and anti-risk solutions in the country. By transforming the market through data, systems, and legal intelligence, Kurier adds value to its clients’ businesses by fostering operational efficiency, an analytical approach, and information management for better decision making. All of this to transform the risk analysis and the Brazilian justice ecosystems.




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RAYEN SALUD is a Chilean company specialized in Clinical Informatics Services and in the implementation of technological solutions in Integrated Health Service Networks, which shares the purpose of collaborating in better health management and in the provision of more timely, safe, quality healthcare for people.  In addition, it has been valued and highlighted by users for its strong commitment to Health.  It was the first acquisition by Constellation Software Inc. and Vela Software in the area of Health IT in LATAM. An organization that was recognized as one of the most promising technology companies in 2021 with the greatest potential in Latin America. It has been highlighted by the technology specialist of the American magazine CioReview for its “profound social sense” and for the “refined methodology for the implementation process, adaptation to the local reality and appropriateness of the Information Systems provided so that the Health Networks achieve better management and care for people, with robust and innovative technology and international standards in cybersecurity”. An organization with more than 19 years of experience,  a highly specialized team, and a robust technological infrastructure – being the first of its kind in LATAM to receive certification in the demanding ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security – which has allowed it to strongly contribute to the Digital Transformation of Health in Chile, having developed, implemented and monitored more than 1,000 projects related to technological incorporation in Health Institutions of diverse complexities, realities, and territories, which makes it a reference at the Latin-American level and gives it a great export potential, with the aim of replicating successes achieved within its borders in other countries in the Region.   One of its most celebrated projects in Chile has been the development, implementation, and permanent monitoring of the National Immunization Registry (or RNI) since 2010. This is a technological platform supports the registration and traceability of all of the immunization and vaccination campaigns in the country, which has made it a fundamental pillar in the management of the Covid-19 vaccination process. It has positioned itself as a successful model of the National Health Information Repository, as it is present in all private and public vaccination centers in the country, allowing for the consolidation of data in a single place and to deliver relevant up-to-date information to Health Authorities. RAYEN SALUD provides a comprehensive ecosystem of Technological Services for Healthcare Networks and Facilities, with scalable, secure, interoperable, and fast-to-adopt solutions, co-built with the contribution of thousands of healthcare professionals, including Electronic Medical Records for healthcare facilities of various complexities, tools for analysis and secondary use of Health Information and Intelligence; systems focused on improving Patient Experience; Interoperability services and shared medical records; Telemedicine solutions; and  consultancy specialized in Digital Transformation in  Health. All of this, guaranteeing availability, confidentiality and integrity in the systems it provides, along with a comprehensive service provision model – with a holistic view, which includes planning, location, implementation, change management, training, support, maintenance and monitoring throughout the project, called ‘Clinical IT Appropriation’,  ® which facilitates the adoption of technological tools by Health Teams.



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  Rayen Salud

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Contmatic Phoenix is one of the main references in accounting software in Brazil.  Founded in 1987, it was a pioneer in the development of solutions with a focus on the Accounting, Tax, and Labor areas. Headquartered in São Paulo – SP, it has a base of more than 18 thousand clients and more than 100 thousand users. Such expressive numbers could only be achieved by a team of more than 380 employees that share the same desire: To make a difference by simplifying the legal bureaucracy that impacts the day-to-day of self-employed accountants, accounting firms, and companies from several segments. In its portfolio, there are products that work with bookkeeping, micro and small business taxation, presumed profit and real profit, payroll, electronic time management, debt clearance certificates, and accounting management, among others. In February 2022, Contmatic started a new phase in its bold expansion strategy, becoming part of the select group of Vela Latam’s companies, a subsidiary of Constellation Software, a Canadian publicly traded company present in more than 100 countries.


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AnSata is a company that has been developing software and solutions aimed at automating Notary and Registry Offices for the Brazilian extrajudicial market for 28 years. Headquartered in Curitiba-PR, it has a base of 650 clients in several states in Brazil. In its portfolio, in addition to the Verus systems for preparing acts, it also provides solutions for managing notaries, all in compliance with Provisions, LGPD and PQTA. In August 2021, it started a new phase in its growth project in the IT market. It became part of the Vela Software group, being the second company in the extrajudicial vertical acquired in Brazil. For the directors, Aldebaran and Sandro, it has been a great opportunity to lead the company to a more prominent position in the market, with the support and synergy of Vela in the adoption of best practices in international models, in the evolution of governance and compliance processes, and in the company’s sustainability and perpetuity in the market. With extensive experience in the extrajudicial segment, AnSata operates based on ethics, seriousness and daily dedication. Through its software and technological services, it provides security and agility to enhance activities in notaries, achieving, therefore, its objective of fostering innovation and digital transformation, contributing to excellence in the provision of services to citizens.






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Aurum is responsible for developing Themis and Astrea legal software. It was Vela’s first acquisition in Brazil. The acquisition took place in 2019, opening the Legal vertical at Vela Latam, thus starting the Legaltechs consolidation strategy. Headquartered in Florianópolis and with branches in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it has accumulated exponential growth in the last few years. Currently, it has more than 12,000 clients using the Aurum solutions, more than 3,5 million  processes monitored daily and more than  100,000 users of Themis and Astrea solutions. We deliver quality products that make it possible to automate activities, to integrate with tools, and to increase collaboration across teams. Our objective is to provide the necessary resources to improve management and increase lawyers’ productivity. We are the new way of being lawyers.


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Em 2021 a Vela Latam adquiriu 100% da Escriba, maior desenvolvedora de softwares para cartórios extrajudiciais do Brasil. Fundada em 1990, a paranaense opera em 21 estados brasileiros e desenvolve sistemas para todas as atribuições de cartórios. A Escriba continuará desenvolvendo soluções completas para os cartórios e seu corpo diretivo segue à frente da gestão operacional, com Miguel Rocha Junior como CEO, Joelson Sell como diretor de Relações Institucionais e Leonel Danczuk, no cargo de diretor de Inovação. A empresa também manteve seu time de colaboradores, seu catálogo de produtos e sua operação em todo o território nacional. Como estilo de gestão, a Vela mantém as empresas adquiridas como entidades autônomas descentralizadas, o que faz com que a diretoria atual da Escriba siga no comando da empresa. “Essa conquista só foi possível graças ao trabalho sério e pioneiro que a Escriba faz há 32 anos. Vamos continuar desenvolvendo soluções completas para o setor extrajudicial e a evolução contínua dos nossos softwares, agregando ainda mais valores para os nossos clientes”, explica Miguel Rocha Júnior, CEO da Escriba. Além da manutenção do modelo de negócios, processos, estruturas e gestão, a Escriba permanece com sua marcam, seus produtos e cultura empresarial, que coloca as necessidades dos clientes no centro de todas as decisões. A vinda da Vela tem como principal objetivo perpetuar o nome e a atuação da Escriba por meio de investimentos em capital e apoio no crescimento estratégico. “A aquisição da Escriba confirma nossos planos de continuar investindo no Brasil e na América Latina. Um nome forte como o da Escriba abriu a vertical de softwares para cartórios e nos coloca em uma posição para realizar novas aquisições nesse segmento”, finaliza Paulo Felipe Martins, CEO da Vela LatAm. Sobre a Escriba A Escriba é a maior empresa brasileira de tecnologia da informação dedicada exclusivamente ao desenvolvimento de sistemas para cartórios extrajudiciais. Sua ampla experiência e capilaridade no mercado permite atuação em 20 estados e no Distrito Federal. Com portfólio completo e soluções que garantem informatização total e atendimento à legislação federal e de cada estado, a Escriba atende diariamente mais de mais de 10.000 usuários distribuídos em 270 cidades brasileiras. Sua sede em Curitiba, no Paraná, possui 3000 m² e a empresa possui unidades em Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Bahia, Distrito Federal e Amazonas.




  Escriba Informática

  Escriba Informática


“A LDSOFT é a maior empresa provedora de soluções em Propriedade Intelectual do Brasil, sendo pioneira no ramo. Com 29 anos de mercado, seus softwares foram desenvolvidos para trazer mais automação para a rotina dos escritórios e das empresas, como o Apol, o principal produto da marca e líder na categoria, para um gerenciamento completo de portfólio de P.I. de pequenos a grandes escritórios e empresas. Também constam em seu catálogo, soluções em software como o Webseek, para buscas de anterioridade, sendo a LDSOFT portadora do maior banco de dados privado de P.I. no país; o Cashfy, sistema financeiro que funciona de forma integrada ao Apol; o Aquiles que fornece um serviço de colidência Premium, e a última novidade da companhia é o sistema de registros em Blockchain, o Authora Digital, uma forma fácil e rápida de criar provas de anterioridade em uma tecnologia imutável. Em junho de 2022, a LDSOFT passou a fazer parte da Vela Software, com a intenção de ampliar a robustez da vertical de lawtechs e potencializar sua presença no mercado de softwares jurídicos no Brasil.”


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